Keirsten Square


Keirsten Craig

Email: [email protected]

BA Fresno State University

Keirsten brings both joy and organization to the Cornerstone team. She enjoys getting to know people and finding ways to help make their day a little bit easier. She loves to help people and finds happiness in making others smile. “I love that the Cornerstone team is about building relationships with our clients.”

Keirsten’s background is in human resources and small business management, both fields that require much organization and compliance with regulations. She enjoys keeping up on industry and regulatory issues, because the ever-changing financial services environment challenges her.

Outside the office, Keirsten pursues the same ideals in her personal life. She sings on the worship team at her church, leads a small group study, and spends time with friends and family. She and her husband also enjoy travel and have both served on mission teams overseas. Their family is currently in the process of growing: they are adopting their 16-year-old foster daughter. They all three love to eat and are always looking for great restaurant suggestions. If you have any, send them her way!